Lady Boss Round Table - Standard Ticket

Congrats on Investing on YOU! Your ticket includes: * Pre-event worksheets to get you thinking about your goals before the workshop * Branding education for Personal Brand Strategist Aaja Corinne Magee * Worksheets, resources and productivity tools to help you succeed! * Light refreshments * DIY Fruit Bar * Smoothie Bar * Materials for interactive Vision Word Cloud Board * Access to a private Facebook group of lady bosses who will offer advice, answer questions, cheer you on along your journey and who will celebrate your wins with you! * Some surprises! * OPTIONAL ADD-ON: A professional head shot session with Pose Pic Studio ($25 for 2 high resolution pictures) * OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Productivity Tools for Lady Bosses" Guidebook ($20)

(6 Remaining)

Start: Sat Feb 2nd 12:00am

End: Fri Feb 15th 10:00pm

Special Add-ons

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: "Productivity Tools for Lady Bosses" Guidebook

When it comes to creating and growing your business, having the right tools and systems can help you grow your business faster and eliminate a lot of the stress associated with fast growth. Productivity Tools for Lady Bosses is a guidebook that contains resources to help you maximize your workday and do the work you love instead of spending time on tasks that aren’t client or revenue generating. These tools will help you cut the clutter, increase team collaboration and boost productivity, which in turn will save you time and money. The guide contains over 20 pages of valuable productivity tools and resources including the following categories: - Training - Graphic Design - Stock Photos & Mockups - Color Schemes & Concept Generation - Feminine Styles Stock Photos - Photo Editor - Video - Business Facebook Groups - Podcasts - Webinar Hosting - Instagram - Twitter - Scheduling - Tracking - Website Hosting & Domain Names - Wordpress Themes - Wordpress Plugins - File Management - Document Creation - Spreadsheet Creation - Notetaking - To-Do Lists - Appointment Scheduling - CRM - Password Managers - Virtual Assistants - Time Management - Project Management/Collaboration - Conference Call/Screen Sharing - Email/Newsletter Management - Expense Tracking, Billing & Invoicing …and More! A limited number of guides will be printed.

OPTIONAL ADD-ON: Head Shot Session

Having a professional head shot can increase credibility and help you gain opportunities. Pose Pic Studio will be onsite at Lady Boss Round Table to shoot head shots for the business owners that would like to take their brand to the next level! You will Receive 2 High Resolution Digital Photos.